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At Optimal Movement Fitness and Yoga, I offer personalized training services focused on increasing both physiological and mental efficiency. My classes integrate meditation, healthy breathing patterns, and optimization of physical movement for a holistic approach to overall wellness. Come join my light-hearted and fun classes where we will restore, revitalize, and renew your body and spirit.

Class Styles
Optimal Movement Yoga

Focus is on the process of increasing physiological and mental efficiency by integrating meditation, learning healthy breathing patterns, building muscular strength, stability and proper physical alignment to optimize movement quality.  All delivered in a light-hearted, fun class.

Power Latte™

In one way, the quality of our lives can be measured by how well we manage stress and tension. This early morning transformative flowing class is designed to cleanse the body of tension and leave you feeling energized and alive; all without that morning 'cup of joe'.

Class Levels


No experience needed.  These classes are designed for the beginner student or someone looking to get back to some basics.


These classes are for students with more or advanced experience who are ready to get challenged at a higher level and generally a faster paced class.


Designed to help you rejuvenate, recover and restore from the intensity of our Begin and Grow practices and general life stressors.  These classes are slower moving sequences which include longer held poses, supported/restorative postures and longer meditations.

Having a Baby?  

Congratulations!!!  We welcome you to join any class which suites your current level of yoga/fitness ability.   All OMFaY Experience Coaches are capable of making appropriate modifications or adjustments to the flow of the class to accommodate your journey.  Let your Performance Coach know how far along you are before class.

Class Package Options
  • 5 Class Package

    Want to make sure you can work classes into your schedule without a big investment.
    Valid for 97 days
  • 10 Class Package

    For those coming once a week but want to save a little cash.
    Valid for 97 days
  • 20 Class Package

    Perfect for the student who can attend at least two times a week.
    Valid for 97 days
Class Options