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About OMFaY

OM Fitness and Yoga is about Optimizing Movement patterns in the body to create a healthier you.  We use traditional physical fitness and yoga asana modalities to facilitate better overall movement.  Your Human Performance Coach integrates traditional physical fitness modalities, yoga principles of breath work (pranayama) and concentrations/meditation techniques and nutrition guidance to help offset the effects of our modern society's pace.  Thereby providing your body and mind more peace and solitude. 


About Tommy

Yogi  |  Movement Optimizer | Kid at Heart
E-RYT 500  |  YACEP


The purpose of yoga and fitness is to enact a that in the way we think, act, or live.  But more so it is to evolve.  A teacher is here to be a guide and help you navigate this evolution. To walk with you down your own path to a greater Self. 

I came to the full experience of yoga after many years in the business world creating visual art, playing sports, performing music, studying philosophy, and earning an Art degree from Belmont University.   After my first teacher, John Charping, convinced me to enroll in the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors' 1000-hour 13 month long teacher training program, I realized I had been doing many various aspects of yoga for most of my life in some form or fashion.  

​This really made me think and then laugh. 

As a result of all this, I came to my second teacher, Shiva Rea.  I am so grateful for all that she taught me and guiding me to new levels of personal change.  I spent over 12 years studying with her and look back with a happy heart and fond memories of assisting her around the world.

This path of growth evolved into Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit in Nashville, Tennessee, which I co-founded with my former wife, Daphne Larkin, to further expand the creative vision we were developing.  Over the last 17 years, we have grown Sanctuary into one of the leading studios in Nashville and we are sought after for the level and quality of our teaching in classes, workshops, and our teacher training programs.

But with all things, change comes and I am loving my new path of evolution.  This includes Beth, the love of my life, two incredible stepsons, and Torston, an amazing son of our own.  In addition, the universe introduced me to Maty Ezraty, who instilled in me new levels of communicating, integrating and presenting movement modalities.   This new format grew into Optimal Movement Fitness and Yoga (OMFaY).

When I'm not in my studio, optimizing movement ideas, or on a yoga mat, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, swimming, hiking, snow skiing, basking in the sun, and learning more about yoga’s deep roots.   

​All of this helps me remember to Be Happy, Love All Things, and Give Gratitude with each Breath.

Jai Shambo : Dwell in Joy

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