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The Get Optimized Program

Golf Optimization
GO Program - Golfing

Through movement optimization exercises, breath work and meditation techniques, we help you maximize the quality of your game.  

The “one for all” approach may be good, but is that what is really going to give you that extra advantage?  Well, honestly, it might….but when the plan is specific to you, the real benefits can be seen.

Outside of swinging the club, we believe you gain the biggest boost to your play by focusing on your innate movement pattern, ie the biomechanics of your swing.  The GO Program develops a specialized total body format designed around your needs, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  As a result you get stronger, gain more flexibility and mental composure.  This will not only boost your game, but benefit all aspects of your daily life.

Golfer playing out of a sand trap
Benefits YOUR Get Optimized Program provides
Movement Optimization Exercise Sample
Movement Optimization Exercise Sample

Physical Increases and Enhancements

  • Muscle Flexibility 

  • Joint Range of Motion

  • Core Strength

  • Overall Strength

  • Proper Breathing

  • Balance

  • And more…

Improved Overall Strength and Mobility 

  • Increased swing power

  • Extra distance

  • More stroke confidence

Other Benefits

  • ​Better mental game management

  • Less fatigue after practice or play

  • Minimizing general discomforts or pain

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Increased overall health

  • Less sunburn (just kidding - only proper sun protection can help here)

Please note: we are not tennis pros, we are physical fitness pros - we love to play tennis and want to help you advance your game through a happier and healthier body — we do not actively correct/change/modify swing mechanics or game play. 

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