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New Name, New Logo, Same Jokes

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Vision Continues to Grow

To better service the growing transformation of my practice and teaching, I am happy to introduce a more enhanced, broader vision of Tom Larkin Yoga - we are now: OM Fitness and Yoga (OMFaY). A creative, full-spectrum approach to enhancing your physical and mental well-being. Through movement optimization exercises, breath work, and yoga techniques we help you gain new levels of physical fitness and mental acuity.

The "O" stands for Optimal.

The "M" for Movement.

The “Fitness” gives rise to the physical prowess of making the body strong.

The “Yoga” teaches us how to breath, calm the mind, and withstand the mental rigors of our life.

Creating Optimal Movement

In the beginning, according to yoga philosophies, OM is the sound generated when the manifested universe was created. It is the first movement and can be conceptually understood as optimal. From this Optimal Movement (‘OM’), Prana is derived, which is the universal "life-force" of all things. The word prana is derived from “pra” - constant, and “an” - movement. Therefore, Prana is the constant movement of all things.Although Prana exists separate from all things, it is an integrated part of all existence.In our physical form it is represented as our breath, which ebbs and flows, in and out of our body.

In our crazy world, we hardly understand a difference between Fitness and Yoga.Fitness is about being physically fit, strong and healthy.Yoga, which means “to join together”, does has physical postures as a core aspect of the practice, but the real depth is about learning to utilize the breath and mental acuity practices to bring about meditative calmness to the mind and body.By bringing together Fitness and Yoga, we can help keep the body fit, healthy and reduce anxiety and inner stresses.

As a result, by joining the essence of creation (the original sound and movement of manifestation represented as OM) with physical movement practices and the depth of mental acuity enhancing aspects of yoga, we optimize our movement quality, physically, mentally, emotionally - we gain enhanced well-being.

Click Here to learn more about what we do and offer.

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