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Cool Drink

I have to admit I love all the seasons. I love winter because the cold is so invigorating. I love fall because the cool breeze and light in the multi-colored trees is so radiant. Spring is the season of my birth but also the beauty of newness rebounding from winter. I love summer because it’s summer and that means fun in the sun. When I have a beach to enjoy, then surfs up, but without a beach I enjoy the soft summer grass under bare feet and a nice cool drink.

Speaking of cool drinks, I have a standard summer favorite: Traditional Pimm’s Cup. You can find the recipe and a non-alcoholic alternative below. Cheers - Sláinte - Skål

Pimm’s Cup

1 Tom Collin’s Glass w/ice

1.5 oz Pimm’s

Top off with Ginger Ale or 7Up

Stir & Garnish with Lemon

Pimm’s Light (non-alcoholic)

1.5 oz Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale

1.5 oz Black Tea

1/2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 tsp Dark Brown Sugar or Simple Syrup

Lemonade or 7Up to fill

Lemon for Garnish

Combine tea and sugar to make a syrup, then in a Tom Collin’s glass combine syrup with Ginger Beer and Vinegar. Top off with Lemonade, stir and garnish with lemon.

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