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Lose Weight: Burning Calories Made Easy

Transform your body into a fit, calorie-burning machine with simple ways to burn more calories throughout your daily routines, whether you’re at home, work, or out and about. In 20 lessons, this course takes you step-by-step through your day, giving you tips, tricks, and techniques that enable you to burn more calories at every turn. In Module 1, you’ll discover the key to burning calories and see how to apply this key to your normal, everyday routines. Learn how any activity can be tweaked to burn more calories, with strategies for things you do each day, including household chores, shopping, and even watching TV! Module 2 shows you how to burn more calories at work, whether you’re commuting, working at your desk, in meetings, talking on the phone, or at lunch. See how you can really ramp it up in Module 3. This module shows you how you can make exercising fun, easier, and more effective. Learn how to adjust your workouts to burn more calories. And find out what foods to eat before and after a workout to help your body burn more calories, more efficiently. In this course, you’ll learn how to: - Use up more calories as you go through the regular routines of your day - Turn any activity into a calorie burner - Burn calories at work - Make exercising fun - Shorten your workouts by burning more calories in less time
 - Enhance your workout results with the foods you eat before and after your workout The secret to your success with this course lies in taking action to implement the new strategies you’ve learned. To this end, you’ll find handouts like affirmations, tracking charts, inspirational prints, and more throughout the course. Also, each lesson ends with a short exercise to help you get started using the tips in that lesson.

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Lose Weight: Burn Calories Easily


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